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nothing more than any artist dreams
Artist AU.
1. blue as a gunshot wound: Kavinsky/Prokopenko (M; 3,635 words; 01 February 2017)
Proko knows he's a doormat when it comes to Kavinsky. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.

2. Les liaisons dangereuses: Kavinsky/Prokopenko (M; 1,500 words; 27 May 2017)
You shouldn't be surprised when he drags you into the men's room, although somehow you are.

3. Hidden here below the fracture: Kavinsky/Ronan, Kavinsky/Prokopenko (M; 3,278 words; 28 December 2016)
Irritation lurks at the other end of his high, not inspiration.

Or, the one in which K tries to banish Lynch from his head. Through art. And fails.

Just give me what I came for

1. I've tasted hell and it tastes just like you: Kavinsky/Ronan (E; 2,565 words; 07 March 2017)
Everyone knows that when you need someone to hurt you, Kavinsky is it.

2. Stay with me, I'll show you paradise: Kavinsky/Ronan (E; 3,010 words; 14 March 2017)
Kavinsky would never admit it but he can’t say no to Ronan. No matter how late it is, he’s there. Though he’s usually not this destroyed.

3. my tongue still misbehaves: Kavinsky/Ronan (M; 500 words; 18 March 2017)
"Answer me this: how much would it piss you off if I got into Gansey's pants before you did?"

4. No sins as long as there's permission: Kavinsky/Ronan (E; 4,555 words; 15 April 2017)
WIP. "If we're gonna do this, I want you to leave Gansey out of it. Completely."



1. a new kind of love your life has never allowed + polytangle (M; 2,835 words; 31 March 2017)
Youtube AU, sorta. Or: Adam is trying to edit a video, Kavinsky has other plans, and Gansey interrupts them both by video-calling long-distance.


1. your heart frayed and empty (M; 2,705 words; 12 March 2017)
Gansey wants to help Ronan, but has been drawing blanks as to how. Ronan has an idea, but never dared give it voice or thought. Until now.

2. stealing like the tide across a map (M; 2,150 words; 16 March 2017)
The collar is heavy in your hands, heavy with the weight of what's being asked. You're aware that this could very well cost you your friendship, no matter what decision you make.


1. Something's got me and I just can't seem to choose: Ronan/Kavinsky (T; 1,250 words; 13 November 2016)
"You know where you can keep an even better eye on me, Lynch?" he asks. Ronan ignores the tickle of warm breath against the shell of his ear and empties his shot glass. "On the dancefloor. Come on, dance with me."

Or, the one in which Ronan doesn't dance with K. Because obviously.

2. It's lovely. I hate it.: Kavinsky/Ronan (G; 200 words; 03 April 2017)
Of weakness, disbelief, and growing families.

3. He wonders what to say and whether to say it (T; 500 words; 07 May 2017)
For the first time in over a year and a half, you consider going to confession, to cleanse your soul of the sins you've committed this past week.

4. I'm variously sweat or shudder + Kavinsky/Prokopenko (M; 500 words; 10 May 2017)
You're about ready to dissolve when his phone rings. Kavinsky, of course, has to answer.

5. No warning from either of us (M; 2,205 words; 13 May 2017)
Business AU. Niall Lynch has expanded his business of procuring rare items. In his absence, Ronan takes over the helm, although he has no real interest in it. That is, unless it means one-upping Kavinsky.


1. Reality bites hard (T; 2,050 words; 08 January 2017)
WIP. Congratulations on coming out," Gansey says.
"No fucking way. Kavinsky's not gay."

A joke, that's all this is, but not everyone seems to get it and suddenly has opinions about your life and who you are as a person. Trouble is, you soon find you're not so sure yourself anymore.


1. And it's a long way back from seventeen: Noah/Whelk (T; 1,210 words; 25 May 2017)
It wasn't only your skull that cracked that day.
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[ profile] multi_genfic's Narrative Bingo. 250-500 words.

Narrative Bingo: Jul/Aug 2015 )

Prompt me (for more Harley)? :) Or, if these don't inspire, there's almost my ever-expanding list of challenge prompts that I need inspiration for.
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Fills for the monthly challenges at [ profile] femslashbb. Minimum requirement 1,000 words. List on GDocs.

(Last update): 2016-02-29

    2015 )
  1. Meet Cute: A new principle of social awkwardness (Arkham Knight: Christina/Harley - G, 2k+ words; 29 Feb 2016)

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Cribbed from [ profile] elasticella, because like her I need a list somewhere. Still a work in progress, because I can barely remember writing anything beyond Harley. For a list of characters/pairings I have written, go here.

Last updated: 2015-11-01 Continued on GDocs.

Batman )

Batman: Arkham Knight )

Gotham )

Injustice: Gods Among Us )

Sherlock )

Suicide Squad (2016) )

Young Justice )
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Fills for [ profile] comicdrabbles challenges. 100-500 words. ! = Warnings apply. Complete prompt list on GDocs.

Last updates: 2016-03-01

  1. Challenge 119 - notorious: Harley Quinn/Rick Flag (Suicide Squad, M)

  2. Challenge 120 - bad blood: Jason Todd, Harley Quinn (Batman/DCAU, M!)

  3. Challenge 001 - First: Harley Quinn/Joker (Suicide Squad, T)

  4. Challenge 002 - Fingers: Harley Quinn/Jonathan Crane (Injustice: Gods Among Us, T!)

  5. Challenge 121 - arcadia: Harley Quinn/Jonathan Crane (Batman, T)

  6. Challenge 122 - sailing: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy (Batman, G)

  7. Challenge 123 - chrome: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy (Batman: Arkham Knight, T)

  8. Challenge 124 - lava lamp: Harley Quinn/Riddler (Batman: Arkhamverse, T)

  9. Challenge 125 - rabies: Random Thugs (Batman: Arkhamverse, T)

  10. Challenge 138 - windowsill: Dick/Jason (Batman: Arkham Knight, G; 2015-10-18)

  11. Challenge 146 - coming out: shifting the furniture of the mind (Batman Begins: Harley/Crane, G; 2016-03-01)

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aka. the thing that has been on my to-do list for way too long. Mostly as a means to help me navigate my journal.

Last update: 2015-09-10


Gen Prompt Bingo:

GYWO 2015 Bingo:

Hurt / Comfort Bingo: Round 6
Kink Bingo: Round 6
Ladies Bingo:

multi-genfic Narrative Bingo
seasonofkink: Jun 2015
spnspiration Experimental bingo
Trope Bingo:


Drabble/Icon Challenge (March 2015, incomplete)

Fic Lists

221Bs (Sherlock BBC)
comicdrabbles (comic-based fandoms)
femslashbb Monthly Challenges (femslash pairings)
Harley Quinn prompts (DCU)
International Fanworks Day 2015 (11 drabbles)
The Sound By Which I Live and Die (needs updating)

Roundups ), February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, Nov + Dec
2016: Jan, Feb


5 Acts
That Huge-Ass Dear Author Letter
outdated stuff )
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Drabbles for the (defunct) comm [ profile] centi_porn. The idea was to write claim a theme set and a pairing, but that's too hard for a multi-shipper like me.

Last update: 2015-05-06

Theme Set I )
Theme Set II )

Substitutions )
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Because I have this obsession where I want to fill every Harley prompt known to man (as far as can). It's slow-going because the list is long and my brain overwhelmed by the choices.

! = Warnings apply.

Last update: 2016-07-01

    2014 )
    2015 )
  1. DCU: Harley/Ivy - vibrant (When the wine is gone - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-01)

  2. DC comics - Harley/Ivy - antidote (I look at you and it is like my throat being cut - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-02)

  3. DCU: Harley/Ivy - Harley-Davidson (Caught a lightweight lightning seed - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-04)

  4. Batman: Harley/Poison Ivy - short skirt (the jail itself can make a scenery - T; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-07)

  5. DC Comics, Harley/Ivy, "I borrowed your sweater." (between, but needing, two worlds - G; 250w; femslashbb; 2015-03-05)

  6. DC, Harley/Ivy, braiding each others hair (You have to be odd to be number one - G; 250w; femslashbb; 2016-03-08)

  7. DCAU, Harley Quinn/Bruce Wayne, And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid / I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did (The Anatomy of Laughter - G; 280w; 3sentencefic; 2016-03-18)

  8. Batman, Harley Quinn, she just loved puddin' (a handmade basket case - G; 250w; comment-fic; 2016-04-03)

  9. DCU: Baby Doll/Harley - dress-up (I'd prefer you didn't think I'm cute - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-06-08)

  10. DCU: Harley/Ivy - flower language (Seeds I plant will grow - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-06-18)

  11. DCU: Baby Doll/Harley - lipstick (This is the love that now invents my fear - T!; 250w; femslash100; 2016-07-01)

  12. Batman, Ivy/Harley, vines (ravish or restrain me - M; 1,234w; femslash_today; 2016-07-03)

  13. Batman, Ivy/Harley, vines (ravish or restrain me - M; 1,234w; femslash_today; 2016-07-03)

  14. Dc Comics, Dinah/Harley, lose control (anger steeped in love - E; 1,204w; femslash_today; 2016-07-04)

  15. Dc Comics, Harley/Ivy, garden (I never, never seen you look so good - M; 1,013w; femslash_today; 2016-07-05)

  16. Batman: Harley/Ivy, jungle (You're a very sexy girl that's very hard to please - G; 250 + 250w; femslash100; 2016-07-06 + 28)

  17. DC, Joker and Harley Quinn, I love you the way I knife loves a heart, the way a bomb loves a crowd, the way your mother warned you about, essentially (You're my escape from this messed-up place - E; 3,723w; comment-fic; 2016-08-14)

If you know of other prompts, do link me! I may have a list of to-fill prompts, but I'm not aware of all there is. :D
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WIP. Since I keep losing track of everything, and I haven't yet found an overview. Still figuring out how best to display this. If you have any suggestions, or know other multi-fandom exchanges, bingos, comment-ficathons and what not, please chime in! I'm also working on a Google Calendar version that shows me when sign-ups are, and when creations are due. If you want to have a look at that, leave me your e-mail and I'll share it with you :) Comments are screened in case you don't want anyone else to see it.

Fandom Calendar

Last update: Oct 24, 2014

Currently | Soon )
Yearly )
Biannually )
Quarterly )
Monthly )
Weekly )
Daily )
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Once again, I've stumbled over another multi-fandom exchange-type thing via [community profile] fandomcalendar. This time it's the Five Acts Meme. I'm excited to see how this pans out.

because kink matters

How it works

* Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in. If you need inspiration check out this list.
* Sign up here. (Also check for more information)
* Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
* Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

The Acts )
The Fandoms )
The Fills )
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This is an alphabetical list of words I've used for my 221Bs. As a reference, so I don't end up using the same word twice, because I'm weird like that. Still debating whether I should make an exception for different word classes, hmm.

Last update: 2015-03-13

Word, word class. (chronological #): POV character, Rating. Date.

221Bs )
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Dear Author/Creator/Wonderful Person,

thank you so much for wanting to create something for me. I'm excited already. Below you can find some of the things I know that I like. But if none of it floats your boat, that's also fine. There's no need to limit yourself to any of it. I'm open to alternate types of story-telling (scripts, poetry, linked drabblesets, IF, in-universe documents, etc), and pretty hard to squick, so if you like to experiment and test your own/other people's boundaries, go for it. I support creativity, so I'm sure I'm gonna love whatever you come up with! :D

Please note that this is a multi-purpose letter with a heavy leaning towards fic. That doesn't mean I'd appreciate other media any less, it's just something I have more experience with. Refer below to the fandoms we've been matched on.

Last updated: Nov 1, 2015

Arrow - Batman - Bleach - Cabin Pressure - Firefly - The Flash - Game of Thrones - Gintama - Gotham - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Naruto - Orange is the New Black - Orphan Black - Oryx and Crake - Resident Evil - Richard II - Sherlock - Sons of Anarchy - Supernatural - Trinity Blood - The Walking Dead - Wheel of Time - Other

Notes on likes, etc. )
The Fandoms )
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A list of [community profile] genprompt_bingo cards. For brainstorming purposes. Italicised text means I have an idea what to do with the prompt. Filled prompts are updated on GDocs.

Last update: 2016-04-06, to add a new card

Round 1: Dec 2013 )
Round 2: Mar 2014 )
Round 3: June 2014 )
Round 4: Sept 2014 )
Round 5: Dec 2014 )
Round 7: Jun 2015 )
Round 8: Sep 2015 )
Round 10: Apr 2016 )
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A list of [community profile] kink_bingo cards. For brainstorming purposes. Italicised text means I have an idea what to do with the prompt.

Round 6 - 2013/14 )

I'm open for suggestions. A list of fandoms can be found here


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