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Too much backlog for individual posts...

I went crazy writing last month. I rediscovered [community profile] femslash100, saw they were holding a drabbletag and dove right in. Started filling all Harley Quinn prompts. Because they were there. orz

15,885 words in 8 fandoms and 21 works, 2 of which were new: Arrow and Batman (general, TAS and Nolanverse). First time writing KHR and RE this year.


1. Get a little starstruck and a little insane: Harley Quinn/Deadshot (M; 878 words; 8 Oct 2014)
Harley's damn well gonna make use of her time outside her cell.

2. crossing the line while never drawing it: Roy/Thea/Sin (T; 1,105 words; 12 Oct 2014)
At first Sin thought they had to be joking. For kalisgirl via [community profile] rarecharacters.

3. in the deafness of my world the silence broke: Malcolm/Moira, Thea (T; 3,670 words; 16 Oct 2014)
Moira could think of a few things worse than Iron Heights. Among them, definitely, was waking up to find herself at the mercy of Malcolm Merlyn. For Persephones_Keeper via [community profile] rarecharacters. (spoilers for s2)

4. for years of missing each other: Sara/Laurel (T; 250 words; 24 Oct 2014)
For years, Sara has looked up to her sister, but Laurel never knew why.

5. men love wars, and women...: Harley/Sara (G; 250 words; 25 Oct 2014)
Sara's impressed with Harley's agility.

6. this act of translation: Nyssa/Felicity (T; 250 words; 26 Oct 2014)
Nyssa can find comfort only in a kill. (Spoilers for s3, though it's already horribly outdated now. xD)

7. Wickedness we know we can't contain: Harley Quinn/Deadshot (T; 1,221 words; 26 Oct 2014)
A slow morning in between missions.

8. striding to the sybil's den: Sara/Thea, Felicity (T; 111 words; 27 Oct 2014)
Sara can't take her eyes off Thea's legs.

9. Progress of Will: Thea/Oliver (T; 875 words; 30 Oct 2014)
If so much in their lives has changed, Thea wonders what else has the chance to. For lionessvalenti via [community profile] trickortreatex.

10. my own animal thoughts: Roy, Felicity (T; 500 words; 30 Oct 2014)
Roy discovers something he should not have been privy to.


1. still exuberantly budding: (T; 250 words; 22 Oct 2014)
Harley's never too tired to appreciate Ivy.

2. to move openly together: (G; 250 words; 23 Oct 2014)
Today, Harley doesn't vault towards the door to inspect the groceries Ivy bought.

3. the crimes of others: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy (G; 200 words; 27 Oct 2014)
She loves me, she loves me no more... (Warnings: Character death)

4. I fear this silence, this inarticulate life: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy (E; 750 words; 29 Oct 2014)
Harley should have known better than to incur Ivy's wrath. Via [community profile] bloodyvalentine.
Warnings: Rape/non-con, tentacle (vine) porn.

Batman: The Animated Series

1. I want to reach for your hand: Out to play. Harley Quinn + Baby Doll (G; 250 words; 31 Oct 2014)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

1. what I'd give for ghosts: Lancia (T; 800 words; 31 Oct 2014)
He's haunted by a lack of ghosts.


1. Ravel: Boléro: Mycroft/OFC (T; 667 words; 30 Oct 2014)
Mycroft contemplates the soft curves of the object of his affection. Or: Sexual tension over cupcakes.

2. Mozart: Dies Irae: Mycroft (G; 221B; 31 Oct 2014)
All he wanted was a quiet evening.

Both of these are a bit OOC.


1. the temptation to make a career of pain: Abaddon/Lilith (; 250 words; Oct 2014)
You won't be able to watch the world burn together.
Warnings: underaged vessels, knifeplay, 2nd person POV.


Arrow/Batman Begins
1. get ready for the fright of your life: Thea Queen, Oliver Queen, Jonathan Crane (G; 1,525 words; 24 Oct 2014)
As Thea surveys the clubs transformation for the party tonight, Oliver introduces her to a new face in Starling City. For raktajinos via [community profile] trickortreatex.

Resident Evil/The Walking Dead
2. we don't see eye to eye: Leon + ensemble (T; 1,820 words; 31 Oct 2014)
Leon has a mission and not much time to accomplish it. (This one, yeah, is horribly outdated now. xD)


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