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Anyone playing Batman: Arkham Knight? I'd like some folks to fanbrat with :D

- I don't like Scarecrow's new voice. He sounds too much like Hugo Strange over the speakers. But hot damn do I dig his new style.

- Speaking of style, Zsasz still seems to be running around in the same clothes.

- As does Ivy, with the exception that she's done up her hair. (Something Victor would have trouble with...)

- Harley is so cute. For the first time I really like her style, even if I still can't stand her voice. (Harleen's is okay though.) Wonder why she's working together with Pengy. He stuffed her hyenas, fer Chrissakes.

- Riddler! Omg, you precious thing. Never stop being your splendid, adorkable self. Crawling around Gotham and installing racetracks. These Batvillains are the greatest.

- Are we going to see Deadshot and Anarky again? We're seeing Firefly (who was only in Origins) and Azrael, so why not them?

- Batracing! This game is like GTA and Tekken, only better, because it has riddles, and Batvillains. I love the characters. All of them. Well, maybe not broody Brucie too much, but still. Conroy's voice acting is amazing, as is Hamill's, but we already knew that.

- Joker! I was so sad when they killed him off in Arkham City, but they found an ingenious way of bringing him back while at the same time leaving him dead. I love his running commentary so much! Also, the Joker Infected. Why would the game want me to find a cure for them?


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