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Dear Author/Creator/Wonderful Person,

thank you so much for wanting to create something for me. I'm excited already. Below you can find some of the things I know that I like. But if none of it floats your boat, that's also fine. There's no need to limit yourself to any of it. I'm open to alternate types of story-telling (scripts, poetry, linked drabblesets, IF, in-universe documents, etc), and pretty hard to squick, so if you like to experiment and test your own/other people's boundaries, go for it. I support creativity, so I'm sure I'm gonna love whatever you come up with! :D

Please note that this is a multi-purpose letter with a heavy leaning towards fic. That doesn't mean I'd appreciate other media any less, it's just something I have more experience with. Refer below to the fandoms we've been matched on.

Last updated: Nov 1, 2015

Arrow - Batman - Bleach - Cabin Pressure - Firefly - The Flash - Game of Thrones - Gintama - Gotham - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Naruto - Orange is the New Black - Orphan Black - Oryx and Crake - Resident Evil - Richard II - Sherlock - Sons of Anarchy - Supernatural - Trinity Blood - The Walking Dead - Wheel of Time - Other

Likes, &c.

Media types: Fanfic, remix fic, fanart, podfic, icons, graphics, videos, rec lists, interactive fiction ...

General likes: flawed characters, wordplays, extended metaphors, mythology, UST, pre- and post-canon, origin stories, slice-of-life, awkward encounters, the small imperfections in life, (non-sexual) kink, character exploration, gender themes, dark/disturbing themes, villains being villains, Trickster characters, psychopaths (in love), deranged characters, (unhealthy) coping mechanisms, strong feelings that need no physical outlet (ie. no sex/kissing), canon-compliance, alternate realities/endings, dystopias, mission- or casefic, constrained writing, sass, snark, (crazy) science! Clever AUs and crossovers/fusions are also welcome.

Gen, het, slash, femslash, other, I love everything equally. I ship openly and freely, and I like rare pairs. You can mix and match any character with any other, if you want. (Don't worry if the pairings is not listed.)

General dislikes: OOCness, character bashing, spoilers, mpreg, a/b/o, infantilism, scat-play, unnecessary epithets referring to hair colour, profession or age/height difference.

Kinks (should you be needing them): polyamory, D/s, corsets/stocking/lingerie (for the ladies), genderbending, incest, shotgunning, drugs, breathplay, oral fixation, respectfully handled mental illnesses/disorders or disabilities/infirmities, psychological trauma, bloodkink in vampire fandoms, eroguro like gore, body horror, graphic torture etc. Try me.

Fanart/Graphics: I like both traditional and digital media, especially watercolour, copic markers, and airbrushing. I also like charcoal, or mixed media. Anything from detailed to sketchy stuff, colourful to limited palette to B/W. Not a huge fan of extremely cutesy Chibis, however.

Things: Corsets/stockings/lingerie (for the ladies), suits, (school) uniforms. Generally a smart dress sense. (I also love the casual outfits Kubo Tite makes his Bleach characters wear on colour spreads.) And folds. Don't ask me, I love folds. Also, dark carnival themes and burlesque things. Cigarette smoke, cigarettes, kiseru. Gloves. Trenchcoats. All buttoned-up. Various states of undress. In-universe photographs someone may have taken.

People (not fandom-specific): Emilie Autumn, Norman Reedus, Otep Shamaya, Wednesday 13

These are just the things that I know I like, but I'm by no means an expert on what can be done. Feel free to surprise me. :D

Podfic: Sound effects, different voices for different characters, accents

More notes: Generally, I don't know what I want. In the past, I've written long-ass letters trying to detail what I like, but that got tedious. As long as the characters sound like themselves, I'm happy. Most prompts listed below are brainstorming ideas.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Characters: Fitz, Simmons, May, Raina, Triplett, Coulson
Relationships: Andrew/Melinda, Fitz/Simmons(/Trip), May/Coulsen, Raina/any, Bobbi/Hunter, Bobbi/Jemma
Likes: May and Coulsen's uncercover missions; the way Simmons says "Fitz"
  • More on Coulson's past. He seemed to be quite the stud.

  • More on Melina and Andrew. How they met, what their pillow talk/stern looks was like.


Characters: Moira, Malcolm, Deadshot, Felicity, Sin, Yao Fei, Barry, Shado, Cupid
Relationships: Thea/Roy/Sin (any), Robert/Moira/Malcolm/Rebecca (any variation), Oliver/Tommy/Thea (any), Barry/Felicity, Diggle/Lyla, Isabel/Slade, Isabel/Robert, Slade/Shado, Waller/Lyla, Deadshot/Harley, Laurel/Nyssa
Likes: Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad mission fic. Everyone stepping up in the second half of s3.
Dislikes: Deadshot during his first appearance. Oliver (trying to act) the playboy, everyone being woe-is-me. All that relationship drama.
Prompts/Notes: I dig Thea's school uniform and Deadshot's suit with the arms rolled up.

  • How Thea adapts to her new life with Malcolm.

  • I also love the mother/daughter-time they had one the show. So, I wouldn't mind even more family bonding.

  • I also think Sin crushing on Sara is cute.

  • An AU in which both Thea and Tommy find out about their relation, and how they deal with it.

  • For something spooky and Halloween-themed, how about you have Scarecrow show up and wreak a bit of havoc? Like here. (Feel free to remix.)

  • What is life at A.R.G.U.S. like? Do the inmates all have to shower at the same time? Is the "Deranged Squad Female" treated any differently? On what missions is she let out?

  • How did Deadshot end up in Russia and later at A.R.G.U.S.? Where did that contract in Germany come from? A bit of the life of a mercenary. How he operates, how he chooses his contracts, where he gets the photos from his daughter from. Does he have a lawyer through whom he funnels his earnings to Zoe's trust fund, or how does that work?

  • What would have happened if, in s2, Oliver had done what his mother did, instead of choosing? What would have happened to Sara, and would Slade and Shado have gotten together?

  • Canon-divergence AU in which Oliver hooks up with Carrie.


All-time faves: Harley Quinn, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Joker, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Deadshot
Relationships: Dick/Jason, Joker/Harley, Harley/Ivy, Jonathan Crane/Harleen Quinzel, Riddler/Ivy, Riddler/Harley, Riddler/Scarecrow
  • I'm not generally interested in Bruce pairings, but the UST of B pining for either Dick or Jay (and they for him) without doing anything about it hits all my kink buttons.

  • It's always fascinating to see how far Joker is twisting his relationship with the Bat.

Arkham games

Characters: Joker, Scarecrow, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Barbara, Anarky
Relationships: Joker/Harley, Harley/Ivy, Harley/Christina
Likes: imagining the Riddler crawling around Gotham installing his trophies and whatnot. Mark Hamill's Joker
Dislikes: Harley's voice (Harleen's in Origins is an exception). Penguin.
  • Seriously. I wonder how the Riddler managed to get his secrets everywhere. Did he crawl around Gotham himself? Did he plan the systems and have goons cart around his wares throughout the city? Did he plan everything and oversee his goons installing his systems, or did he install those systems himself? (The extortion data in Origins made more sense than the Riddler trophies. Where did he get those, anyway? Who made them?)

  • I'd also very much love to see a version in which the Joker manages to bathe in the Lazarus Pit. What would happen next?

  • In Origins, I'd love it if Barbara were to somehow meet with Anarky. Or just learn of him would be fine, but it would be great if they got to talking. Do they know each other? What does Barbara think of him, his beliefs, and/or his methods?

  • How and why does the Arkham Knight start working with Scarecrow? What has he done before that?

  • How did the meeting of Gotham's major criminals that Scarecrow called look like?


Characters: Joker, Scarecrow, Ra's al Ghul, Alfred, Blake, Lucius, Selina
Relationships: Bane/Talia, Selina/Jen
Likes: nurse!Joker
  • Anything about the Joker. His background, what happened to him after the Dark Knight – all will be be loved.

  • The Mad Love version with this interpretation of the Joker and a Harley that would fit to him. I'd really love to see what kind of woman, who initially only had a professional interest in him, would fall in love with him and how exactly he manipulated her into making that happen. And/or their interactions once they're partners in crime. How does the Joker treat Harley?

  • What happened to Scarecrow after TDKR?

  • Therapy sessions/villain-y chit-chat between Scarecrow and the Joker.


Characters: Scud; Hannibal King
Likes: Scud smoking, his attitude.
Dislikes: That he died, ahem.
  • How and when did Scud become a familiar? What were his thoughts on working for Blade?


Characters: Szayel, Ilforte, Cirucci, Ruuken, Renji, Byakuya, Rukia, Hisagi, Urahara, Yoruichi, Shinji, Kaien, Kuukaku, Nemu, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Shutara, Akon
Relationships: Ryuuken/Masaki, Ilforte/Szayel, Ilforte/Cirucci, Yoruichi/Soifon, Yoruichi/Urahara, Byakuya/Renji/Rukia (any), Kaien/Kuukaku, Isshin/Kaien, Yoruichi/Kuukaku, Rukia/Kaien, Renji/Shuuhei, Yoruichi/Byakuya, Yoruichi/Kaien, Mayuri/Nemu
Moresomes: Ryuuken/Masaki/Isshin, Szayel/Ilforte/Cirucci, Soifon/Yoruichi/Urahara, Yoruichi/Kaien/Byakuya, Isshin/Kaien/Kuukaku, Byakuya/Renji/Rukia(/Kaien)
Likes: Quincy backstory, Yoruichi+Urahara backstory
Dislikes: Ichigo saving the day.
  • I like the Arrancar to be very violent and ruthless. They’re super for gratuitous gore. I would like some pre-Hueco Mundo stories. Bonus points if it involved who they were / what they did as humans and how they died and became Arrancar. I would love you if you’d write some Szayel/Cirucci/Ilfort (or any permutation thereof) or Halibel/Sung-Sun.

  • For Ryuuken/Masaki(/Isshin) I would love something set during the Everything But the Rain arc or earlier. Perhaps a kidfic involving Ryuuken and Masaki (and/or Katagiri) playing together and their parents musing on their future. Or Isshin shirking his duties like always. Feel free to play with canon.
  • As for the Quincy, I would love some exploration of where they come from and what each individual’s goal is, why they follow Bach and how deep their loyalties run. Do they have anything else besides being a Sternritter?

  • For Shutara, anything. Maybe the ceremony for her promotion, or how the other Zero Squad members welcomed her. Or her welcoming Hikifune (or whoever else arrived after her). Or just some slife-of-life. Must be quiet, right?

  • Akon, past or present. Although I do love small, scowling Akon in the Turn Back the Pendulum arc. You can throw in some Rin, Nemu and/or Mayuri if you wish. (Or others, I don’t mind.)

  • Where do I start with Soifon? I enjoy her fierce loyalty (and her girlcrush on Yoruichi). I might like an exploration of her feelings for Yoruichi (past or present, both good) or some jealousy for Yoruichi’s lenience with Urahara. Or stepping up as Captain, being reminded of Yoruichi anywhere she goes, and trying to fill her shoes and making a name for herself. Or perhaps her thoughts during or after the battle with Barragan, when she sacrifices her arm. She doesn’t know it won’t be permanent and yet she does so without hesitation. I would also enjoy an AU in which the amputation remains permanent and Soifon comes to terms with that.

  • To add a little more on Yoruichi that wasn’t mentioned above, I would love to see something involving Kuukaku! Either in their younger days or after both fell from Soul Society’s graces. You could perhaps add in a Soifon who is jealous of their relationship.

  • For Kaien, I would love any kind of background for him, but especially as to why he called Byakuya an “impertinent little…” I’d also be amazingly thrilled over some quality sibling time. What was their life as nobles like? How did they interact? Did Ganju look up to Kaien or has he always been Self-proclaimed Whatever “voted number one 14 consecutive years in a row” and no need of an older brother to admire? Or how about visiting their uncle? Isshin trying to teach Kaien something or wanting to be otherwise helpful and failing would be great.

Cabin Pressure

Characters: Martin, Douglas, Arthur, Teresa
Relationships: Martin+Teresa, Herc/Carolyn
Likes: The Snark, Arthur being Arthur, creative cabin addresses
  • Explorations of their life off-GERTI.


Characters: River, Jayne, Simon, Inara, Mal, Badger
Relationships: Simon/River, Mal/Inara
Likes: River-speak, crazy space incest
  • I love the way River perceives the world, the connections she makes and how that reflects her use of language.

  • Life at the Academy; life before the Academy; life after the Academy.

  • Crossovers/Fusions:
    • Cowboy Bebop crossover. Space cowboys!
    • Jayne. Any relation to the Dom Cobb of Inception fame?

The Flash

Characters: Martin Stein, Patty Spivot, Cpt. Singh, Leonard Snart, Lisa Snart, Cisco, Hartley, Joe
Relationships: Leonard/Lisa, Barry/Patty, Rob/David, Cisco/Caitlin(/Ronnie), Eddie/Linda
Dislikes: Relationship drama
  • I find the whole Firestorm thing fascinating, especially since both men are in love with a different woman. How does that affect their feelings and relationships. I'd also love to see Caitlin and Clarissa befriending each other because of their shared experience.

  • Eddie said that from the first moment it felt like there were three people in his relationship with Iris. Both he and Barry have accepted each other in Iris' life, so why go that one step further and make it a poly relationship?

  • What if Cisco and Caitlin had started something before Ronnie came back? How would they have worked it out.

Game of Thrones

Characters: Jaime, Tyrion, Brienne, Arya, Oberyn, Lyanna, Meera, Missandei, Renly
Relationships: Jaime/Cersei(+/Brienne), Jorah/Danaerys, Viserys/Dany, Jon+/Arya, Gendry/Arya, Cersei/Rhaegar, Jojen/Meera, Ramsay/any, Tyrion/Shae, Oberyn/any, Loras/Renly/Margaery, Theon/Asha
Likes: Dany understanding why Viserys went mad
Prompts/Notes: I’m familiar with the books, so if you’d rather go beyond the canon of the series feel free to do so. Although I prefer Cersei from the series to those of the books so far.

  • I like Cersei’s crazy ambition and that, in the beginning, she didn’t understand why she and her brother were treated so differently. I would also love to read an AU in which Cersei marries Rhaegar.

  • I might be interested in Catelyn’s thoughts about going to the North, about her feelings for Brandon, and/or Ned, and/or her kids, or her grief and losing her loved ones.

  • I kind of pity Jorah in the series (not so much in the books), because his devotion is rather taken for granted.

  • Jon and Arya, I just love how they click, how they can be themselves when in each other’s company.


Characters: Takasugi, Kyuubei, Katsura, Sasaki, Hijikata, Sacchan, Tsukuyo, Sakamoto
Relationships: Takasugi/Katsura(/Gintoki), Sacchan/Gintoki, Sacchan/Tsukuyo, Sasaki/Nobume, Joui 4, Kyuubei/Otae, Tsukuyo/Gintoki, Kyuubei/Tsukuyo, Sakamoto/Mutsu
Likes: Humour
Dislikes: Hijikata/Okita
Prompts/Notes: I love background fics, so I could imagine scenes of Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura’s childhood, or during the war; Kyuubei being raised as a boy; Sacchan becoming a ninja; Tsukki being trained by Jiraiya.

One thing I love about Gintama is that it’s different from your plain old shounen manga. There are no damsels in distress, for example. Instead, the girls kick ass. And the gender roles aren’t stereotypical. Two of my favourite arcs are in fact the Timeskip and the recent genderswitch arc. (I love Kyuubei identifying not as a woman, but also not quite as a man either, and as such I would be thrilled if it would be picked up in fic as well.)

Some things I could see:
  • How did Katsura and Kyuubei’s fight during the Timeskip arc end?

  • Did Gintoki and Katsura mean it when they said they were going to kill Takasugi? Are they going to follow through on that promise? Does Katsura ever find out that Takasugi killed Sada Sada?

  • Takasugi and Katsura meeting off-screen over tea or sake during the series.

  • What did Takasugi and Katsura do while everyone in Kabukichou switched genders?

  • Why did Nobume leave the Naraku? How did she come to join Sasaki?

  • Does Sasaki text Hijikata as often as he does Gintoki? What exactly is their professional relationship? Sasaki is an elite, after all. And Hijikata is… not.

  • Tsukuyo and Sacchan bonding during the genderswitch arc

  • The women plotting to make Gintoki give up drinking.

  • If you’ve seen the movie, feel free to use its premise to work a story around if you want.


Characters: Alfred, Gordon, Barbara, Cobblepot, Mooney, Zsasz, Ivy, Jerome
Relationships: Gordon/Barbara, Renee/Barbara, Mooney/Liza, Alfred/Gordon
Likes: The dark look of the show,
  • I never really liked Penguin before, but this Cobblepot is adorbs (in a creepy way). I'd appreciate any story with him, perhaps about his life living under the thumb of his crazy mama, or how he came to think of Gotham as his home despite the abuse he faces.

  • Mooney. I've come to love her a great deal. She's ambitious and utterly ruthless. I love her trying to domme the shit out of anyone, and being so graceful about it, too. And I dig her cheekbones.

  • Zsasz and his tally marks. Jerome and his evil grin! So adorbs! Was he also a sideshow character? What did he do at the circus?

  • I also love Barbara kinda sorta mentoring Selina on her looks (and Selina telling her off for it).


Characters: Hannibal, Bedelia, Alanna, Will, Margot, Phyllis "Bella"
Relationships: Hannibal/Bedelia, Jack/Phyllis, Alana/Margot
Likes: Food porn! (non-sexual), murder "husbands", gaslighting, Will's dogs
  • Okay, the show is already pretty (and) crazy, so you can take it further down the dark path. But I also don't mind if you want to give the characters a bit of a break and write more slice-of-lifey or pre-canon things.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Characters: Mukuro, Chikusa, Lancia, Ken, Hibari, Bianchi, Spanner, Adelheid
Relationships: Mukuro/any (esp Chikusa, Lancia, or any other member of Kokuyo), Hibari/Mukuro, Dino/Squalo, Gokudera/Bianchi, Dino/Hibari, Gokudera/Hibari
Likes: The mythology surrounding Mukuro's powers, dreamwalking, illusions, his owl!
Dislikes: Mukuro becoming a good guy
  • Mukuro's messed-up past. Explorations of his relationship with his followers, his influence over them. Their lives after the battles are over.


Characters: Gaara, Temari, Itachi, Sasuke, Pain|Nagato, Konan, Sasori, Sai, Hidan
Relationships: Temari/Kankuro/Gaara, Itachi/Sasuke, Neji/Hinata, Pain/Konan, Tsunade/Jiraiya/Orochimaru, Orochimaru/any (Anko, Kabuto, Kimimaru, Sasuke...), Sai/any, Sasuke/any
Likes: fucked up family dynamics, Gaara's messed-up head, torture/interrogation
  • I like the original, messed-up Gaara. While it's fascinating in theory to be able to change someone's feelings if your will and your beliefs stronger than theirs, and while it it fits the "simplicity" of shounen manga, I find it hard to believe that Gaara would have been able to change so fast so completely. He has been traumatised and neglected since he was a little boy. I would love something that shows working through all that a bit more slowly.

  • The AUs as depicted in Jump. Sci-fi battles against cyborgs; medieval, Robin Hood-like setting; Nara period Japan; Wild west, ...

Orange is the New Black

Characters: Stella, Vause, Nickols, Red, Yoga Jones, Poussey, Sophia, Morello
Relationships: Vause/Nickols, Vause/Chapman, Sophia/Crystal
  • I'm very fascinated by the relationship between Sophia and her wife Crystal and I've wondered how Sophia feels about it, especially sexually. Does she think of their relationships in gay/straight/bi terms, or has her transition changed the way she perceives sexuality as well?

Orphan Black

Characters: Helena, Cosima, Tony, Felix, Delphine
Relationships: Cosima/Delphine, Tony/Felix, Cosima/Shae
  • Anything about Helena's past.

Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood

Characters: Crake, Oryx, Snowman the Jimmy
Relationships: Crake/Oryx/Jimmy in all permutations, Jimmy/all his other girls (Ren, Amanda, etc)
Likes: Jimmy the word person, Oryx being mysterious or Oryx decoded, Oryx dressing up
  • During the novel we got a good look inside Jimmy’s head, but not much of what the others think, what their motives are or their desires. Especially Oryx remains a mystery. I would love to get some more glimpses of her past, or her relationship with Crake, or how exactly she got to work with him or what she does in her free time.

  • Or what Crake feels for Oryx and how it manifests. Does she know what he feels? Does she accept it, does she use it for some gain or is she perhaps bored by Crake?

  • Generally, more of Crake is good. You could elaborate on the years before Jimmy, with Jimmy at WatsonCrick, or at Rejoov, or in between. Why did he search specifically for Oryx? Or how did he come up with the Paradice Project?

Prison Break

Characters: T-Bag, Scofield, Franklin, Westmoreland
Relationships: T-Bag/Scofield, Scofield/Sara
Likes: T-Bag's mindfuckery and diction, messages in code
Dislikes: Tweener, Bellick
  • What if Scofield's doctor had been a man? Would he have made a move on him anyway?

  • T-Bag is a delightful pervert. I'd read any number of horrible things he does to other people. For example, I'd really love to read something in which he got his dirty hands on Scofield to do what he's been meaning to all along, and how Michael deals with it afterwards. (Michael could be fixating on his surroundings, trying to find a way out of this situation, and later deal with how helpless he's been despite his inventiveness.)

  • Or, more of his time with Mrs Holland. Did ol' Teddy really consider himself a changed man, as he claimed, because he had feelings for her? I got kicks out of his fantasies of living a normal life with her.

Resident Evil (gameverse)

Characters: Leon, Ada, Jill, (The Merchant from 4), Billy Coen, Moira Burton
Relationships: Leon/Ada, Chris/Jill
Likes: RE0-4, Code: Veronica, Revelations 1+2, Damnation, Degeneration, missionfic
  • Crossover with the Walking Dead. Leon/Daryl, if you dare.

  • How they prepare for mission, what they think during them, how they wind down afterwards. Do they ever think about not returning? Do they have family that could be affected?

Richard II - Shakespeare

Characters: Richard II, Henry IV
Relationships: Richard/Bolingbroke
Likes: all the poetry, UST, doom and gloom
  • Richard and Hal during Hal's time as Richard's ward, ie. when Bolingbroke was exiled.

Sherlock BBC
Characters: Mycroft, Sherlock, Irene, Moriarty, Molly, Mrs Hudson
Relationships: Mycroft/Sherlock, Victor/Sherlock, Mycroft/Irene(/Sherlock), Irene/Kate, Greg/Molly
Likes: fem!lock, Sherlock's substance abuse problems
Dislikes: John.
  • How Jim and Irene met.

  • Sherlock's childhood/teenage years, how he came to resent Mycroft.

  • "Mommy and daddy's got the best cocaine."—Sugarcult, Bouncing Off The Walls

  • Macbeth crossover/AU. The ease with which everyone believed Duncan's guards had killed him always baffled me. They could really have used someone to explain some basic facts to them.


A list of songs for such challenges like Jukebox.

  • Jack Off Jill - Strawberry Gashes

  • Garbage - You Look So Fine

Sons of Anarchy

Characters: Chibs, Juice, Tig, Gemma, Nero, Unser, Happy, Wendy, Lin, Ally Lowen, Venus, Piney, Lyla, Stahl, Margaret, Phil, Ratboy, Eli Roosevelt, Lee Toric
Relationships: Chibs/Juice, anyone/Juice, Gemma/Nero, Tig/Venus, Opie/Lyla
Likes: Scottish & Irish accents, Juice saying "..okay" to everything, Juice's looks when Clay hugs him, like he's touching him inappropriately, Tig's various sexual exploits
Dislikes: Jax promising all the time
  • Chibs all the way. I love it when he, like Bobby, is the voice of reason. I also love his heart-to-hearts with Gemma.

  • How any of the guys ended up in the MC. What drove them to it? Did they have doubts somewhere along the line that their life might have been better without it?

  • Stahl was a horrible woman and a bit of a cliche lesbian, but she had balls. That's what I liked about her.

  • During s5, when Gemma was trying to be nice to Clay again, Juice always brightened up when he saw that Mommy and Daddy were getting along. I loved it when Gemma said "It's never too late to adopt."
    If you're up for it, I'd like some Clay touching Juice inappropriately, and Juice letting it happen because he wants to be in his surrogate father's good graces. Basically, add some more mental scars to the poor boy. I'm fine with this turning into hurt/comfort. Clay could be drunk off his ass, and/or just in need for some comfort from all the guilt and the hurt he's caused Gemma. Before Clay's mea culpa moment, I'm also fine with Clay exploiting Juice's own guilt and weakness.

  • Mental asylum AU or something. Group therapy. The guys all have their problems and would have been better of in therapy than an MC.

Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, Abaddon, Charlie, Balthazar, Bobby, Jimmy, Kevin, Ash, Lucifer, Kali, Linda Tran, Crowley, Mary Winchester
Relationships: Dean/Cas, Abaddon/Dean, Charlie/Dorothy, Charlie+Dean brotp, Lucifer/Abaddon, Crowley/Dean, Hannah/Castiel, Castiel/Balth, Abaddon/Lilith
Likes: Angel/demon lore, Charlie's hacking skills, Abaddon bringing out all the kink and gore, Balth and Gabriel's sass, exploring the world through an angel's eyes, angels misunderstanding pop culture, what it feels like to be a vessel.
Dislikes: Metatron, the "jerk, bitch" routine.
  • Funny videos like this one.

  • Charlie and Dean having a night out drinking beer and talking about women. Or, her adventures with Dorothy in Oz, her life as a hacker, LARPing/roleplaying.

  • Abaddon was my hardest kink. If you’re comfortable with it, let her go wild. I love Abaddon/Dean, but I’m fine with anything as long as Abaddon is bloodthirsty and badass. I might also love to know about her becoming a Knight of Hell, or some AU that pans out differently than s9.

  • What is Kali up to right now? What did she do a thousand years ago? If you want Kali to deal Gabriel him, go right ahead.

  • I liked how strong and strong-willed Linda was, and what she would sacrifice for her son. It also amuses me that Dean had the hots for her. I might like to read about her youth, or the time when Kevin was small, or what she did/how she coped when Kevin was gone, or later under the care of the Winchesters.

  • Supernatural has some great premises, but I always feel the story gets sidetracked a lot, stretched thin with waiting for the next big reveal, before all falls through again. So, alternate realities that explore different outcomes would also be lovely.

  • (skip) S9/10 AU. Instead of killing Abaddon, Dean becomes her consort. OR Dean becomes King of Hell himself and takes Crowley as consort.

Trinity Blood
Characters: Alex, Petros, Catherine, Isaac, Helga, Tres, Abel, Seth
Relationships: Helga/Isaac
Dislikes: Spoilers for anything that hasn't been published/scanlated into English.
  • An exploration of Caterina’s past or her feelings for Abel or Alessandro. Or Petros’ devotion to Alessandro. Or why he joined the Inquisition and how he gets along with Paula and Andrew and the rest. Or a day in the life of poor Alessandro.

  • Or a story that takes place in the Empire. Go back to Radu and Ion. Perhaps explore why and how Radu joined the Rosenkreuz Orden. Or write about Astharoshe’s past with Sülayman.

  • Or some Isaak/Helga (no spoilers beyond Judgment Day though if that’s possible?)

The Walking Dead

Characters: Daryl, Merle, Michonne, Carol, Lizzie
Relationships: Daryl+/Merle, Carol+Daryl
Likes: asexual (or queer) Daryl
Dislikes: Bethyl
  • Carol and Daryl reunion. Daryl's thoughts/reactions to this new bamf version of Carol

  • Alternate version in which Daryl escapes with Judith from the prison.
  • An AU that deals with Lizzie's mental issues.

  • Pre-canon Merle+Daryl dealing with domestic violence, child abuse and/or abandonment.

  • If queer/asexual Daryl, he can try to hide what he may or may not think of as "deviation." Internalised homophobia optional. Also optionally, Merle can find out and beat the crap out of anyone who dares call his brother a fairy.

  • Merle's stints in juvie/prison. What for and how does he deal with it? How does Daryl deal with it?

  • Crossover with Sons of Anarchy. Maybe Merle was a member of a branch of an Aryan Brotherhood that had some beef with the Sons.

Wheel of Time

Characters: Mat, Tuon, Cadsuane, Birgitte, Androl, Pevara, Nynaeve
Relationships: Mat/Tuon, Siuan/Moiraine, Birgitte/any (Elayne, Mat...), Androl/Pevara, Nynaeve/Lan
Likes: Weaving The One Power
  • Anything involving Mat would be super. Maybe something after the Last Battle, like saying goodbye to Tuon or to his homeland and sailing with her to Seanchan and restoring order there. But I love the whole cast, especially in the latest books.

  • What I’ve always wanted to know is what Cadsuane learned from (Norla?) that old woman on that farm in the Black Hills. Or well, any story with her would be fun!

  • Or take any and all stories Androl has hinted at and weave a story out of them, like his adventures among the Sea Folk or how he got a Village Wisdom to take him as apprentice.

  • Demandred's time in Shara

Other Fandoms

Other fandoms I like(d), but have no prompts for.
  • Better Call Saul: Jimmy

  • Code Geass: Guilford/Cornelia, Cornelia/Euphie, Lelouch/CC; Cornelia, Guilford, C.C., Lelouch, Jeremiah

  • Constantine: John/any; John, Zed, Manny

  • D.Gray-man: Kanda/Lavi, Kanda/Lenalee, Komui/Lenalee, Rhode/Allen; Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee, Miranda

  • iZombie: Liv, Ravi, Lowell, Babineaux, Peyton, Blaine, Eva Moore, Evan

  • MCU: Loki/Natasha, Loki/Thor; Loki, Natasha, Tony

  • Mistborn: Vin/Elend, Kelsier, Sazed, Zane

  • Six Feet Under: Billy/Brenda; Billy, Claire, Brenda

  • True Blood: Eric/Pam, Eric/Godric(/Nora); Eric, Pam, Lafayette

  • Young Justice (cartoon): Everyone, esp Kaldur, Dick, Roy and Wally


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