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Wanted to post this on tumblr, but the new posting system pisses me off, and I have no intention of finding out how to post HTML there. Harrumph.

Have a list of drabbles for the International Fanworks Day 2015. To add to the challenge, I wrote all these to prompts using a number of fandoms and more or less fannish activities, while trying to keep them all in character to the best of my abilities. Rating is G except in that one case where it isn't.

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November Roundup and upcoming fic birthdays

In only two months Harley Quinn has become my most-written character, even before Sherlock. I also picked up podficcing again and got some long overdue stuff out of the way. Hooray! :D

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Too much backlog for individual posts...

I went crazy writing last month. I rediscovered [community profile] femslash100, saw they were holding a drabbletag and dove right in. Started filling all Harley Quinn prompts. Because they were there. orz

15,885 words in 8 fandoms and 21 works, 2 of which were new: Arrow and Batman (general, TAS and Nolanverse). First time writing KHR and RE this year.

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Because I have this obsession where I want to fill every Harley prompt known to man (as far as can). It's slow-going because the list is long and my brain overwhelmed by the choices.

! = Warnings apply.

Last update: 2016-07-01

    2014 )
    2015 )
  1. DCU: Harley/Ivy - vibrant (When the wine is gone - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-01)

  2. DC comics - Harley/Ivy - antidote (I look at you and it is like my throat being cut - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-02)

  3. DCU: Harley/Ivy - Harley-Davidson (Caught a lightweight lightning seed - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-04)

  4. Batman: Harley/Poison Ivy - short skirt (the jail itself can make a scenery - T; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-07)

  5. DC Comics, Harley/Ivy, "I borrowed your sweater." (between, but needing, two worlds - G; 250w; femslashbb; 2015-03-05)

  6. DC, Harley/Ivy, braiding each others hair (You have to be odd to be number one - G; 250w; femslashbb; 2016-03-08)

  7. DCAU, Harley Quinn/Bruce Wayne, And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid / I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did (The Anatomy of Laughter - G; 280w; 3sentencefic; 2016-03-18)

  8. Batman, Harley Quinn, she just loved puddin' (a handmade basket case - G; 250w; comment-fic; 2016-04-03)

  9. DCU: Baby Doll/Harley - dress-up (I'd prefer you didn't think I'm cute - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-06-08)

  10. DCU: Harley/Ivy - flower language (Seeds I plant will grow - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-06-18)

  11. DCU: Baby Doll/Harley - lipstick (This is the love that now invents my fear - T!; 250w; femslash100; 2016-07-01)

  12. Batman, Ivy/Harley, vines (ravish or restrain me - M; 1,234w; femslash_today; 2016-07-03)

  13. Batman, Ivy/Harley, vines (ravish or restrain me - M; 1,234w; femslash_today; 2016-07-03)

  14. Dc Comics, Dinah/Harley, lose control (anger steeped in love - E; 1,204w; femslash_today; 2016-07-04)

  15. Dc Comics, Harley/Ivy, garden (I never, never seen you look so good - M; 1,013w; femslash_today; 2016-07-05)

  16. Batman: Harley/Ivy, jungle (You're a very sexy girl that's very hard to please - G; 250 + 250w; femslash100; 2016-07-06 + 28)

  17. DC, Joker and Harley Quinn, I love you the way I knife loves a heart, the way a bomb loves a crowd, the way your mother warned you about, essentially (You're my escape from this messed-up place - E; 3,723w; comment-fic; 2016-08-14)

If you know of other prompts, do link me! I may have a list of to-fill prompts, but I'm not aware of all there is. :D
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This is an alphabetical list of words I've used for my 221Bs. As a reference, so I don't end up using the same word twice, because I'm weird like that. Still debating whether I should make an exception for different word classes, hmm.

Last update: 2015-03-13

Word, word class. (chronological #): POV character, Rating. Date.

221Bs )
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A list of [community profile] kink_bingo cards. For brainstorming purposes. Italicised text means I have an idea what to do with the prompt.

Round 6 - 2013/14 )

I'm open for suggestions. A list of fandoms can be found here
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For years, I've wanted to create a series of works inspired by music. I had a list of songs I've wanted to write for. Until recently I noticed I actually have enough works to be putting a list together. So here goes.

(Last updated): Sep 2, 2015

Oh, look: you can now even listen to these songs on 8tracks!

#FicInspired by
01.Like Lovers Do: Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura)Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again
02.Freedom From Choice: Tianzi (Code Geass)A Perfect Circle - Freedom of Choice
04.Poison Ivy: Byakuran (Reborn!)"You were never able to keep me breathing" (Emilie Autumn - Opheliac)
05.The Day the Whole World Went Away: OriginalNine Inch Nails
06.Serial Killer Holy Men: Lancia, Mukuro (Reborn!)Otep - Hooks and Splinters
07.Picking up the Pieces: OriginalFilter Eleven - Swallowtail
08.Not all martyrs see divinity: Chikusa, Ken (Reborn!)"Not all martyrs see divinity, but at least you tried." (Tool - Eulogy)
09.A Song of Love and Death: Gaara (Naruto)Rezső Seress - Vége a világnak
10.Warflower: Temari (Naruto)The Mayan Factor - Warflower
11.Comme un oiseau rebelle: Mycroft/Sherlock (Sherlock BBC)Georges Bizet - L'amour est un oiseau rebelle
12.Something was dead in each of us: Ryuuken (Bleach)Temposhark - It's Better to Have Loved
13.Seeking nothing if not answers: Leon/Ada (Resident Evil 4)Julien-K - Someday Soon
14.Artfully Afflicted: Mycroft/Sherlock (Sherlock BBC)Abandoned Pools - 9 Billion
15.Get a little starstruck and a little insane: Harley/Deadshot (Arrow)Genitorturers - Lecher Bitch
16.crossing a line never drawn: Roy/Thea/Sin (Arrow)Porcupine Tree - Open Car the deafness of my world: Malcolm/Moira (Arrow)Porcupine Tree - Lazarus move openly together: Harley/Ivy (Batman)Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek
19.caught some ghost of us: Yoruichi/Soifon (Bleach)Filter - Take a Picture
20.a little help comes in a little glass vial: Harley/Ivy (Batman)Repo! The Genetic Opera - Zydrate Anatomy incurable anger, my unmendable wounds: Asuka/Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion)Rammstein - Herzeleid
23.the only thing that works for me: Chris/Jill (Resident Evil: Revelations)Nine Inch Nails - Closer
24.the craziest boy on the block: Felix (Orphan Black)West Side Story - I Feel Pretty quickly we forget the sting, my love: Crane/Harley (Batman)The Devil's Carnival - Prick! Goes the Scorpion's Tale
28.I'd rather cut you than the wedding cake: Crane/Harley (Batman)Murderdolls - Die My Bride
30.When I'm all alone the dreaming stops: Harley/Joker (Batman)Shivaree - Goodnight Moon
31.who's gonna sit by you: Harley+Crane (Batman TAS)Weird Al Yankovic - Another One Rides the Bus
34.found me a brand new box of matches: Harley/Joker (Suicide Squad 2016)Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking
36.To draw out the timid wild one: Harley/fem!Rick (Suicide Squad 2016)A Perfect Circle - A Stranger

Honorary mentions
03.Dance Floor Metaphor: ShiraYuki (Prince of Tennis)The Crüxshadows - Dance Floor Metaphor
21.planning out your destruction: Harley/Deadshot (Suicide Squad)Disturbed - Run
(3)mark me as a sinner tonight: Harley/Deadshot (Suicide Squad)Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists sudden and sweet: Harley/Jerome (Gotham)Marilyn Manson - Evidence
29.He prefers pain to pretty: Crane/Harley (Batman)Otep - Germ
30.stained for the rest of your life: Harley/Joker (Suicide Squad 2016)Marilyn Manson - Leave a Scar
32.How many kisses do you need?: Harley/Rick (Suicide Squad 2016)The Devil's Carnival - Trust Me
33.I got the peace of mind of a killer soul: Jason (Under the Red Hood)Filter - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
35.You wanna take it to the bone: Harley, Crane (Injustice)The Mayan Factor - Going to Pieces

Found the lj comm [ profile] 100songs and using this as placeholder for when I want to play.

Table 1 )
Other suggestions?


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