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Because I have this obsession where I want to fill every Harley prompt known to man (as far as can). It's slow-going because the list is long and my brain overwhelmed by the choices.

! = Warnings apply.

Last update: 2016-07-01

  1. Batman: Harley/Ivy - sheer (still exuberantly budding - T; 250 words; femslash100; 2014-10-22)

  2. Batman: Harley/Ivy - spin (to move openly together - G; 250 words; femslash100; 2014-10-23)

  3. Arrow: Harley Quinn/Sara - crazy (men love wars and women (each other) - G; 100 words; femslash100; 2014-10-25)

  4. DCU: Harley/Ivy - red (the crimes of others - T!; 200 words; femslash100; 2014-10-27)

  5. Batman: Harley/Ivy - flip (I fear this silence, this inarticulate life - E!; 750 words; femslash100; 2014-10-29)

  6. Batman: Baby Doll/Harley - dolly (I want to reach for your hand - G; 250 words; femslash100; 2014-10-31)

  7. DCU: Harley/Ivy - spice (our bodies, so alike, are yet so different - M; 500 words; femslash100; 2014-11-01)

  8. DCU: Harley/Selina – luxury (headlong into the waves - G; 250 words; femslash100; 2014-11-03)

  9. Batman: Harley/Ivy – lotion (white, empty, pure - G; 250 words; 2014-11-05)

  10. DCU: Harley/Ivy – playful & Batman: the Animated Series, Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, making out on bags of money in 'Harley and Ivy' (lying at your side; 250 words; 2014-11-05)

  11. Batman: Harley/Ivy - roses (the words that come to mind - G; 250 words; 2014-11-07)

  12. Batman: Harley/Ivy - magic trick (where the fiercest attention becomes routine - G; 1000 words; 2014-11-08) 1/?

  13. DCU: Harley/Selina - mischief (half-blotted by darkness - G; 200 words; 2014-11-13)

  14. Batman: TAS, Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, lips [double drabble] (The Linguistics of Lip Reading - G; 200 words; 2014-11-26)

  15. Batman: TAS, Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, autumn leaves (the last collase of primary color - G; 100 words; 2014-11-28)

  16. Batman: the Animated Series, Catwoman + Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, sisterhood (blued and purpled by romance - G; 1000 words; 2014-11-30)

  17. Harley Quinn/Jonathan Crane, mad science, femdom, intrigue, pinned (how quickly we forget the sting, my love - M; 1881 words; Porn Battle; 2015-02-20)

  18. Batman: TAS, Harley Quinn +/ Any, she gets her happy ending. She just has to work for it a bit, that's all (Who's gonna sit by you? - G; 1200 words; 2015-05-17)

  19. Injustice: Gods Among Us, Dinah Lance/Harley Quinn, it shouldn't work, but sometimes it does. (unpurged ghosts of passion - M; 1011 words; comment-fic; 2015-06-13)

  20. DCU: Harley/Ivy - Never mind (painfully green beneath the gold - G; 250 words; femslash100; 2015-06-17)

  21. DCU: Harley/Ivy - protected (manage the miracle - T; 500 words; femslash100; 2015-06-24)

  22. DCU: Harley/Ivy - poison ivy (the plant) (rammed through the heart like a stake - T; 250w; femslash100; 2015-07-18)

  23. Batman: Arkham series (video games): Christina/Harley - second chance (the difficult habit of staying alive - T; 250w; femslash100; 2015-07-30)

  24. Batman: Arkham series (video games): Harley/Ivy - escape (all your dreams are about to happpen now - T; 500w; femslash100; 2015-08-08)

  25. Batman: Harley/Poison Ivy - easy-going (Be jumpy or unhinged with joy - G; 250w; femslash100; 2015-10-25)

  26. DCU: Harley/Ivy - bondage (She's a girl, rising from a shell - T; 250w; femslash100; 2015-10-27)

  27. Dc Comics - Harley/Laurel - (Injustice: Gods Among Us) Auntie Harley (To shelter you, my bird - G; 250w; femslash100; 2015-10-28)

  28. DCAU, Harley Quinn/Wally West, (445): We fucked standing up with my right leg over his shoulder. Thank you mom and dad for having once enrolled me in gymnastics. It has finally paid off (It's bigger than the sum of us - M; 2,886w; comment-fic; 2015-11-15)

  29. DCU: Harley/Ivy, vine bondage (entr'acte (and she always gets her treat) - M; 1,371w; femslash-kink; 2015-12-31)

  30. DCU: Harley/Ivy - vibrant (When the wine is gone - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-01)

  31. DC comics - Harley/Ivy - antidote (I look at you and it is like my throat being cut - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-02)

  32. DCU: Harley/Ivy - Harley-Davidson (Caught a lightweight lightning seed - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-04)

  33. Batman: Harley/Poison Ivy - short skirt (the jail itself can make a scenery - T; 250w; femslash100; 2016-01-07)

  34. DC Comics, Harley/Ivy, "I borrowed your sweater." (between, but needing, two worlds - G; 250w; femslashbb; 2015-03-05)

  35. DC, Harley/Ivy, braiding each others hair (You have to be odd to be number one - G; 250w; femslashbb; 2016-03-08)

  36. DCAU, Harley Quinn/Bruce Wayne, And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid / I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did (The Anatomy of Laughter - G; 280w; 3sentencefic; 2016-03-18)

  37. Batman, Harley Quinn, she just loved puddin' (a handmade basket case - G; 250w; comment-fic; 2016-04-03)

  38. DCU: Baby Doll/Harley - dress-up (I'd prefer you didn't think I'm cute - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-06-08)

  39. DCU: Harley/Ivy - flower language (Seeds I plant will grow - G; 250w; femslash100; 2016-06-18)

  40. DCU: Baby Doll/Harley - lipstick (This is the love that now invents my fear - T!; 250w; femslash100; 2016-07-01)

  41. Batman, Ivy/Harley, vines (ravish or restrain me - M; 1,234w; femslash_today; 2016-07-03)

  42. Batman, Ivy/Harley, vines (ravish or restrain me - M; 1,234w; femslash_today; 2016-07-03)

  43. Dc Comics, Dinah/Harley, lose control (anger steeped in love - E; 1,204w; femslash_today; 2016-07-04)

  44. Dc Comics, Harley/Ivy, garden (I never, never seen you look so good - M; 1,013w; femslash_today; 2016-07-05)

  45. Batman: Harley/Ivy, jungle (You're a very sexy girl that's very hard to please - G; 250 + 250w; femslash100; 2016-07-06 + 28)

  46. DC, Joker and Harley Quinn, I love you the way I knife loves a heart, the way a bomb loves a crowd, the way your mother warned you about, essentially (You're my escape from this messed-up place - E; 3,723w; comment-fic; 2016-08-14)

If you know of other prompts, do link me! I may have a list of to-fill prompts, but I'm not aware of all there is. :D
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