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November Roundup and upcoming fic birthdays

In only two months Harley Quinn has become my most-written character, even before Sherlock. I also picked up podficcing again and got some long overdue stuff out of the way. Hooray! :D


Overall word count: 9,184
Overall fic(let)s written: 22
Overall fandoms written for: 8*
Fandoms written for the first time: Agents of SHIELD, A Song of Ice and Fire (both F/F drabbles and not very good ones), Gotham.
Fandoms written for the first time this year: Bleach

*Can anyone tell me the function to count unique strings in Excel? I'd have less trouble with SQL...

Overall podfic length: 01:45:37
Overall podfics posted: 4
Overall fandoms recorded for: 3
Fandoms recorded for the first time: Batman, Hannibal (okay, the latter has been recorded sometime back in April/May, but I got swamped and put off editing for a while.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

1. show me what I can do: Melinda/Victoria (G; 100 words; 15 Nov 2014)


1. made of such nerve and flare and pride: Waller/Harley (T; 250 words; 7 Nov 2014)
Waller wants answers that Harley can't provide.

2. no motion wasted: Harley/fem!Deadshot (T; 100 words; 16 Nov 2014)
The uniform she's supposed to wear can only mean one thing.

3. something piercing and marred: Harley/fem!Deadshot (T; 250 words; 17 Nov 2014)
Texture: Latex on skin.

4. our murmured dawn conspiracies: Harley/Lyla (T; 500 words; 27 Nov 2014)
Harley loves games. She can play along. As long as it's not Rapunzel. For[personal profile] swan_secrets

5. Fun Fatale: Playtime's Over: Harley/Deadshot (M; 3,113 words; 24 Nov 2014)
Work and play, or: the creative way to hunt for a target.


1. our bodies, so alike, are yet so different: Harley/Ivy (M; 500 words; 1 Nov 2014)

2. headlong into the waves: Harley/Selina (G; 250 words; 3 Nov 2014)
Selina appreciates the beautiful panorama of precious hues surrounding her.

3. white, empty, pure: Harley/Ivy (T; 250 words; 4 Nov 2014)
In the ob-gyn's waiting room.

4. lying at your side: Harley/Ivy (G; 250 words; 5 Nov 2014)
Heists are fun, but so's kissing.

5. the words that come to mind: Harley/Ivy (G; 250 words; 7 Nov 2014)
Harley has certain visuals of what Ivy should be wearing.

6. where the fiercest attention becomes routine: Harleen/Pamela (G; 1,000 words; 8 Nov 2014)
Tea Shop AU. Will be linking to that one once it makes more sense.

7. half-blotted by darkness: Harley&Selina (G; 200 words; 13 Nov 2014)
No chance to steal something in peace.

8. a little help comes in a little glass vial: Harley/Ivy (T; 100 words; 16 Nov 2014)
The joys of being a human lab rat.

9. The Linguistics of Lip Reading: Harley/Ivy (G; 200 words; Nov 2014)
Harley is captivated. For [personal profile] doreyg via [community profile] fic_promptly

10. [Podfic] My Blonde South: Harley/Joker, Harley/Ivy (M; 5:00; 27 Nov 2014)
It can be a bit... Awkward, at times. By doreyg.

11. the last collapse of primary color: Harley/Ivy (G; 100 words; 28 Nov 2014)
Worrying about the weed chick. For doreyg via comment-fic.

12. blued and purpled by romance: Harley/Ivy + Selina (PG; 1,000 words; Nov 30 2014)
Watching movies with the girls was a challenge. For doreyg via comment-fic.


1. caught some ghost of us: Soifon/Yoruichi (T; 250 words; 6 Nov 2014)
She left her the studio, but she left her all the same.


1. I mean to go on living?: Barbara/Renee (G; 100 words; 23 Nov 2014)
The in-between state.

Orange is the New Black

1. women outside the law: Alex/Piper (G; 100 words; 2 Nov 2014)
A small escape.


1. [Podfic] Chaff that the Wind Blows Away (G; 18:38; 13 Nov 2014)
John and God. By holyfant.

2. [Podfic] Till We Have Cases: Sherlock/John
2.1 Prologue (PG; 10:40; 27 Nov 2014)
2.2 Chapter 1 (G; 8:00; 28 Nov 2014)
2.3 Chapter 2 (G; 5:15; 29 Nov 2014)
In the post-Trojan War Bronze Age of ancient Greek myth, an enigmatic new God with a gift for deduction is sent to put a stop to the lifesaving ways of a warrior-prince with healing hands. But suddenly Prince Iaon's moved in with the Consulting God and they've started solving crimes together. And what follows after that is... most unexpected. By Fiorinda Chancellor.

A Song of Ice and Fire

1. on the edge of having: Cersei/Taena (G; 100 words; 9 Nov 2014)
The nights are cold, the women crafty.


Hannibal (TV)/Sherlock (TV)
1. [Podfic] D├ęgustation: Hannibal/Mycroft (E; 58:04; 3 Nov 2014)
A curious discovery. By daasgrrl. (Warnings: Not Safe Sane and Consensual BDSM, Painplay, Edgeplay.)

Avengers/Sherlock (TV)
2. Schumann: Kinderszenen: Loki/Sherlock (G; 221B; 30 Nov 2014)
A curious discovery. For yeomanrand via [community profile] fic_promptly. (Warning for mpreg.)

Fic Anniversaries

My goal is to one day have a fic anniversary to celebrate for every day of the year. Pretty ambitious, I know, but what is life without goals, however ridiculous? Here are some I wrote in recent years. There were others, but those I really don't want to share.

Dec 12, 2009: Under a Shroud of Smoke: Bianchi/Reborn, Gokudera (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; PG-13; 1,122)
There was smoke on that day, thick clouds that billowed as though waving good-bye.

Dec 13, 11: Like Kites in High Wind, or How to Write a Fairy Tale: Shiraishi, Fuji, Kenya (Prince of Tennis; PG; 10,290)
Conversations between friends are not only for recreation. Written for countervalue via help_japan.

Dec 20, 2011: A Song of Love and Death: Gaara, Kankurou (Naruto; PG-13; 200)
Three minus one equals falling apart. (Warning for character death)

Dec 24, 2011: Warflower: Temari (Naruto; PG; 445)
She has no illusion about life or survival.

Dec 31, 2011: Now We are Both Incomplete: Chrome (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; G; 1,540)
The day after, she notices the eerie overtones of something that should be there, but isn't.


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